Information About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are your best alternatives to traditional cigarettes. With a more complete throat hit, a more exciting oral sensation and tremendous flavors to bring something different every time, electronic cigarettes are way better than tobacco cigarettes. And did we mention that e-cigs don’t have the harmful side-effects either? And what better place to get electronic cigarettes than Vapor House which is the no.1 e-cig company in UK!


What is an electronic cigarette?

There has been a recent push over the past few years, or even decade, to get consumers to stop smoking regular cigarettes. Everyone has since learned of the bad health effects and all other negatives that come with smoking cigarettes. So, many consumers are trying to quite smoking cigarettes, or at least cut back on their use. However, quitting is very difficult and can often feel impossible. Electronic cigarettes are a different way to engage in smoking, without some of the negative attributes of regular cigarettes. They can help you quit smoking regular cigarettes or they can just be an activity to enjoy without the negative stigma of smoking a real cigarette!

Electronic cigarettes are vaping devices that are battery powered. The vapouriser within the cigarette heats the e-liquid until it reaches the correct temperature to become a vapour. That e-liquid vapour is what makes smoking an e-cigarette so unique as it can be inhaled by the smoker, creating a feeling very similar to that of smoking a regular cigarette.

E cigarettes can be better for you in a variety of ways. They differ from real cigarettes as they do not contain any of the following:

Tobacco Tobacco Smoke
Ash Tobacco smoke smell


What makes Vapor Warehouse Different?

Because of the push to stop smoking regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have and are still becoming very popular. So, there are several manufacturers of e-cigs. We are the leader in the field for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that we want you to enjoy your experience when smoking a Vapor Warehouse electronic cigarette. We have taken the time to perfect our e-cigs to ensure your satisfaction and we ensure you will not be disappointed with our product. Here at Vapor Warehouse we offer things that our competitors do not!

  • We use the purest and highest e-liquid available in the UK
  • We offer a variety of different flavours
  • We have several different strengths of nicotine
  • Different packages available, including starter kits and refills
  • Same size and feel of regular cigarettes, offered in King Size or lightweight
  • Use only pharmaceutical grade nicotine


Everyone likes different flavours so we have introduced a number of flavours to our e-cigs line. We currently offer all of the following:

Tobacco Strawberry Wild Berry Extra Strength Menthol
Extra Strength Tobacco Vanilla Menthol Cinnamon


We also offer nicotine in a number of different strengths. This is in case you are trying to quit your real cigarette smoking. If that is the case, you can start off with one of our stronger nicotine e-cigs and gradually move your weigh down until you are smoking an e-cig with very little of no nicotine. Vapor Warehouse can help you quit your cigarette smoking altogether and you can still have the sensation of smoking a cigarette! 


Do not waste any more time smoking your regular conventional cigarettes. Give e-cigs a try, but only with the best! Try a Vaper Warehouse electronic cigarette today and see why we are known as the #1 e-cig company in the UK!


Vapor House can help you quit smoking. Don\\

I was trying to quit smoking for what felt like forever. Vapor Warehouse helped me change my bad habits. I can use their e-cig anywhere and I don't have to feel embarassed!

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I was never a big smoker but I loved the social aspect of smoking a cigarette. I didn't love the smoke, ash, or smell that came with it. So, I tried the Vapor Warehouse e-cig and I love it!

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I gave Vapor House e-cigs to my son, who has always been a big smoker. I thought that even if he exchanged one a day for a normal cigarette, it would be a start to his quitting. He only smokes Vapor WarehWaouse electronic cigarettes now!

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